To Turkey With Love

I may be wrong, but I don't think I've sent any of my zines to Turkey before. In fact, I think that the furthest into that part of the globe I've sent a zine order was Slovenia. Well, I have sent stuff to Israel, which is just south of there.

Anyway, a guy named Gamze Özer sent me an e-mail asking me to participate in a zine show at an interesting gallery in Istanbul that he curates for. The e-mail was sent on the 3rd, but I just got it today...after poking through the spam folder, and just before hitting the purge button.

I'm not one to look for open calls, so I appreciate Gamze e-mailing me to make sure I knew about the show. Unfortunately, though, I'm only gonna be sending a couple copies of one of my zines. It would be too pricey to send one of everything like I did for the Anno Domini zine show.

I was already planning to mail a ton of stuff off next Friday, the official release date for Octopussy. I'd really love to send that one, since it's my newest baby. But it might be a lil' too sexy for that audience.

I don't know much about Turkey, other than that it's largely Muslim, so I'll probably just send copies of KFG!3.

Come to think of it, that issue has Laila Ali on the cover (haha), which is kinda cool. It also has the 18 page sticker gallery, so people who don't read English will still have some cool stuff to look at.

Manzara Perspectives

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